Meteler – Türk Filmi (2019) MP4 Download

Meteler - Türk Filmi (2019) MP4 Download
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Meteler is a 2019 Turkish movie

Starring: Gökhan Mumcu and July Gürkan Karaca. Meteler Players; Gökhan Mumcu, July Gürkan Karaca, Cem Okyay, Mert Temizce, Serhan Çeliker, Nazım Atçı, Burak Akbulut, Mete Deran, Kerem Tanık Meteler, Captain Kürşad and Meteler team, which includes 8 soldiers, is about the fight against terrorists.

On the 43rd day of the Afrin operation, the Meteler team embarks on a tough fight with terrorists in the region at the expense of their lives and foreign elements supporting them.


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